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Volume Profile for Back-Testing

Volume Profile for Back-Testing

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A very well-known and very much-used indicator in trading, but with a twist! Our indicator will give you the ability to automatically anchor it to different starting points and, BEST yet, to use it in your automated strategies and backtesting.


Anchor Points

- Session Start
- Fixed Period (Number of Bars)
- Highest High (In a given Period)
- Lowest Low (In a given Period)
- Highest Volume (In a given Period)
- Lowest Volume (In a given Period)
- From the begging of the Week
- From the begging of the Month


Rows Layout (Ticks, Fixed Rows, or Automatic)

Layout (Up/Down Volume, Total Volume, and Delta Volume)

Calculation Type (On Recent Data, or Historical which is Used For Back-Testing)

With Many Layout, and Style Configuration Options



- POC Plot with History, Very Important for Automated Strategies and Back-Testing

- Value High (VH) and Value Low (VL) Plots also with History

- Candle Open and Close Power - This determines the volume percentage from POC at candle open and close, very useful confirmation to take or exit the trade! Also available as plots to be used in Automated Strategies and Back-Testing



Volume Profile requires intense calculations when used with Historical Calculation Type, or Tick Rows Layout, therefore, your Machine should be **Powerful**



- Volume Profile
- Support and Resistance
- POC History
- Ability to Automate it and Backtest it

Recommended Timeframe

All Timeframes

Supported Systems

NinjaTrader 8, SharkIndicators Bloodhound 1 or 2, and SharkIndicators Blackbird 1



First Release Date

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