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Stochastics Heatmap

Stochastics Heatmap

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Stochastics is one of the most used Indicators in Financial Markets. This indicator combines 28 stochastics with various lengths (Long and short terms) in one oscillator and stack them vertically. Values of each stochastic is converted to a color, providing easy to use trading signals and confluence. Lower lines in the oscillator are shorter term stochastics and higher lines are longer term stochastics.

The average of all the stochastics is also plotted and used to color the candles.

When stochastics value exceeds 70, It would be a good confluence for a Long Position, and when it drops below 40, it would confirm a declining market signal.

Example Color Scheme 

Stochastics Value  Color
90 - 100 Dark Red
80 - 90 Dark Orange
70 - 80 Orange
60 - 70 Yellow
50 - 60 Lime Green
40 - 50 Navy
30 - 40 Dark Blue
20 - 30 Blue
10 - 20 Light Blue
0 - 10 Cyan


- Stochastics
- Trend Direction
- Confluence
- Long term and short term
- Overbought and Oversold

Recommended Timeframe


Supported Systems

NinjaTrader 8, Bloodhound 1 or 2, Blackbird 1.0, and NinjaTrader Strategy



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