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MA Sabres

MA Sabres

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MA Sabres is an indicator that identifies potential trend changes based on the direction of a selected moving average, presenting you with extrapolated "Sabre" shapes that can serve as dynamic support/resistance and breakout points.

Key Features:

  1. Dynamic Trend Reversals: MA Sabres excels at spotting potential reversals by monitoring the direction of a chosen moving average. When a change in trend is detected, a distinctive "Sabre" shape is drawn, signaling a potential shift in market dynamics.

  2. Versatile Support and Resistance: The Sabre-shaped figure doesn't just indicate a change in direction; it serves as a multifaceted tool. Use it as a support/resistance level, a potential stop-loss marker, or to identify areas of interest for strategic decision-making.

  3. Customizable MA Types: Tailor your analysis with a variety of moving average types, including SMA, EMA, SMMA, HMA, WMA, DEMA, TEMA.

  4. Flexible Length Control: Adjust the length of both the moving average and the Sabre shape to align with your trading strategy. Fine-tune these parameters to suit your preferences and capture nuanced market movements.

  5. Previous Trend Duration: MA Sabres introduces the concept of trend persistence. Define the duration (in consecutive bars) that the MA must maintain its direction before considering a potential reversal. This feature enhances the indicator's precision.

MA Sabres diligently searches for changes in direction following a set number of consecutive bars with the same MA direction. Once identified, a circle-shaped drawing is placed one bar back at the previous high/low. This location becomes the origin of the Sabre-shaped figure, with the tip extending according to the user-set MA length.

The angle of the Sabre is influenced by the 14-ATR, providing a visual representation of volatility. Less volatility results in a flatter Sabre, while higher volatility produces a sharper angle.

The Indicator will provide the Sabres as transparent plots to be used in your strategy automation or for automated back-testing.



- Trend Following
- Trend Filter
- Confluence
- Reversal

Recommended Timeframe

All Timeframes

Supported Systems

NinjaTrader 8, SharkIndicators Bloodhound 1 or 2, and SharkIndicators Blackbird 1



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