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Fibonacci Bollinger Bands

Fibonacci Bollinger Bands

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The Fibonacci Bollinger Bands is the ultimate tool for precise market analysis and strategic trading decisions. This powerful indicator seamlessly merges two renowned technical analysis methods into one, offering unparalleled insights into price movements and key market levels.

Unlock the potential of Fibonacci retracements and Bollinger Bands through this innovative indicator, designed to elevate your trading experience. With its advanced algorithm, the indicator generates multiple Bollinger Bands, expertly calculated over Fibonacci retracement levels. This synergy highlights crucial support and resistance zones with exceptional accuracy, guiding you towards optimal entry and exit points.

At the core of this cutting-edge tool lies the Volume Weighted Moving Average (VWMA), the bedrock for calculations that underpin its robust performance. This ensures that your analysis is rooted in real market dynamics, giving you the confidence to make well-informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Identify key support and resistance levels with precision.
  • Enhance your understanding of market trends and potential reversals.
  • Fine-tune your entry and exit strategies for optimal results.
  • Gain an edge in fast-paced markets with a holistic view of price action.
  • Harness the synergy of Fibonacci retracements, Bollinger Bands, and VWMA for greater trading success.


- Trend Following
- Trend Filter
- Confluence
- Support & Resistance
- Oversold & Overbought

Recommended Timeframe

All Timeframes

Supported Systems

NinjaTrader 8, SharkIndicators Bloodhound 1 or 2, and SharkIndicators Blackbird 1



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