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Effort vs Results

Effort vs Results

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The Effort versus Results Indicator is a powerful tool that delves into the relationship between trading volume (effort) and its corresponding price action (result) on each bar, presenting this analysis in an intuitive "stacked bars" visual format. Employing a sophisticated technique known as the "Relative Rate of Flow," this indicator transforms the result data into an oscillating signal, which can be harnessed to trigger trading signals when identifying bullish or bearish trends over a user-defined number of bars.

Drawing inspiration from Volume Spread Analysis and Wyckoff theories, the indicator skillfully merges these concepts into a visually appealing stacked presentation of price and volume bars. This design simplifies decision-making for users, offering a clear and concise view of market dynamics.

Furthermore, the Indicator boasts multiple concealed plotting options, empowering users to seamlessly integrate it into their automated trading strategies for enhanced efficiency and precision.


- VSA & Wyckoff
- Trend Direction
- Confluence
- Buy, Sell, Continuation

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Supported Systems

NinjaTrader 8, Bloodhound 1 or 2, Blackbird 1.0, and NinjaTrader Strategy



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