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ICT KillZones

ICT KillZones

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Unlock the full potential of your trading strategy with the ICT KillZones Indicator for NinjaTrader 8. Designed to highlight ICT Killzones on your chart and integrate Fibonacci retracements, this powerful tool helps you identify optimal entry points during high-volatility market periods. Tailor your trading sessions with ease and let the indicator handle time conversions, providing a seamless trading experience.

Key Features:

(1) Predefined ICT Killzones:

  • London Open (2 AM - 5 AM EST)
  • New York Open (7 AM - 9 AM EST)
  • London Close (10 AM - 12 PM EST)
  • Asian Session (8 PM - 12 AM EST)

(2) Customizable Sessions:

Define up to 4 trading sessions with user-specified times and names.
Easy setup with time input in EST, automatic conversion to your local time.

(3) Integrated Fibonacci Retracements:

Construct Fibonacci retracements from each Killzone's price range.
Customize up to 7 Fibonacci lines to suit your trading strategy.

(4) Hidden Plots for Automation:

Session indicator provides a binary output (0 or 1) indicating if a candle falls within a session.
Fibonacci lines output for easy strategy integration.

(6) User-Friendly Interface:

Intuitive settings panel for quick customization.
Clear visual representation of Killzones and Fibonacci levels on the chart.


Leverage high-volatility periods to enter trades at optimal points, maximizing your profit potential. Focus on trading without worrying about time zone conversions; the indicator manages it all. and Adapt the indicator to match your unique trading schedule and strategy preferences.3

Elevate your trading strategy with the ICT KillZones Indicator for NinjaTrader 8.

Experience precision, flexibility, and automation like never before.


- ICT Concepts
- Session Highlights
- Stop Loss and Take Profit
- Reversals
- Support and Resistance

Recommended Timeframe

Intraday and any chart type

Supported Systems

NinjaTrader 8, SharkIndicators Bloodhound 1 or 2, and SharkIndicators Blackbird 1



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