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Breaker Blocks

Breaker Blocks

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Breaker Blocks (BB) are formed after an order block has been mitigated or fulfilled, indicating a shift in market sentiment. These blocks present opportunities for role reversals, transforming previous support into resistance or previous resistance into support. The retest or retracement of price to a breaker block sets the conditions for potential trading signals, offering traders critical entry or exit points aligned with the new market sentiment.

The Breaker Blocks Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to trading based on breaker blocks. It highlights breakout/retest signals between the price and breaker blocks, and incorporates premium/discount swing levels to suggest potential take profit and stop loss points. This indicator leverages the principles of the ICT strategy, allowing traders to identify false reversals and continuations, and when combined with fair value gaps and key levels concepts, it significantly increases signal accuracy.


  • Breaker Blocks Signals: Automatically detect and display breaker blocks on your charts, marking critical levels where market sentiment changes.
  • Premium and Discount Swing Levels: Identify optimal take profit and stop loss levels to fine-tune your trading strategy.
  • Signal Alerts: Get real-time notifications when the price interacts with breaker blocks, ensuring timely trading decisions.
  • Hidden Plots for Automation: Seamlessly integrate with your automated trading strategies using hidden plots.


Transform your trading strategy with the Breaker Blocks Indicator for NinjaTrader 8. Gain insights into market shifts, improve your trade timing, and maximize your trading efficiency. 


- Price Action
- Swing Structure
- Market Structure
- Breaker Blocks
- Entry and Exit Signals

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Supported Systems

NinjaTrader 8, SharkIndicators Bloodhound 1 and 2, and SharkIndicators Blackbird 1



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